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Grace.....What is it Really?

Unfortunately, you do not have to look too far to find someone misquoting scripture about grace or giving a teaching that makes it just seem like a wonderful catch all problem covering. But the expectation is that the struggle needing Grace will still be there until we overcome in our own ability. 

Most think of Grace as a big umbrella for our daily missteps and moments of grave stumbling. A clear pass from our Father to just keep walking on without having too much negative consequences to our sins. But is this really what Grace is all about?

Well is a one word, NO!  Grace is far Larger, Deeper and Wider than the word is defined as. 

The definition of Grace in biblical context (Strong's Concordance): Merciful kindness by which God exerts His Holy influence upon SOULS, turns them to Christ; keeps the Soul; strengthens and increases them in Christian Faith, Knowledge, and Affection; and Kindles the Soul to the exercise of Christian virtues. 

Notice how much this is connected to the Soul. 

To put it simply- Grace is the Power to Heal your Soul. You are no longer the prisoner to your sin but can be forever free from that being a hindrance in your life. 

You see, we have been taught that Grace is just a covering, and you may still struggle in that sin, but Grace will keep covering you. This is false. Grace is designed to Save your Soul if we use it as the Full Power that it has the ability to be in our lives. Grace has the Power and Influence to stop the gateways of your soul from being tormented by the enemy. How- by Changing and Healing YOU! 

Our wounded soul is what drives us into sins, poor choices, and uncontrollable behaviors. Grace will shift every area in need so that you will overcome and hold the victory no matter what the issue is. As Grace goes to work, you will be Changed into more of the Image of Christ.

You cannot overcome a stronghold in your own strength, which leads you to feel like you will always fail to end a pattern in your life.  

Romans 8: 18-21


So then as through one trespass [Adam’s sin] there resulted condemnation for all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men. 19 For just as through one man’s disobedience [his failure to hear, his carelessness] the many were made sinners, so through the obedience of the one Man the many will be made righteous and acceptable to God and brought into right standing with Him. 20 But the Law came to increase and expand [the awareness of] the trespass [by defining and unmasking sin]. But where sin increased, [God’s remarkable, gracious gift of] grace [His unmerited favor] has surpassed it and increased all the more, 21 so that, as sin reigned in death, so also grace would reign through righteousness which brings eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Grace is a Power of Christ. He is your Healer, your Savior, your Redeemer, and the one you are being molded into. He is Greater than your Sin, and He is here to free you completely. Grace is not a free pass to continue in your sin. Sin is what destroys and wounds your soul, leaving you vulnerable to the enemy who targets the open gateways in your soul. Righteousness is where Grace will take you to, leaving the enemy no foothold in this area any longer. 

Your will is part of your soul. Wounds control your soul which controls your will. Take today to begin the Journey of Soul Healing using Grace for what it is given to us for. 

Grace is not works. It is not in your own strength. Christ does what we are unable to do for ourselves. Our Faith opens the portals of Heaven. Understand that if the Holy Spirit tells you to do something specific, it is because the Grace is on that action to cause your breakthrough. 

Right now, Pray  Father, forgive me for not receiving the Fullness of your Grace. I understand that Grace has the power to heal my soul, free me of what torments my soul, and release me from the chains that keep me bound. I embrace your Love for every aspect of who I am today, and who you are making me into. I will no longer see myself through the veil of sin, but I will see myself as you see Me; your Beloved who has your unmerited Favor and Blessing. I decree that I am free of the curse over my life. The transgressions have been severed over my life, my soul, and my will. I am walking into the New Day and Creation that you set before me. Your power is endless, I will use it daily to overcome and not walk in my own strength in striving under the law again. Thank you Father for Loving me when I did not feel worthy. Help me See as You See and Hear as you Hear. Lead me each and every day. For you are My Lord and Savior- Amen

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