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November 14, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Struggling against the current? There are times I will ask you to swim upstream to places that others will not travel or be invested in. There are times I will ask you to go with the flow of My Spirit into new territories. Today, find that I am asking you to go with the Flow. Many see the ease as a means to drop their guard. They take in the wrong opinions and find themselves in the wrong places.

Many are pushing and pulling only to find nothing is working. Let Go and Watch Me guide you in all things. All of the questions in your mind will soon quiet down. I have you at a time of short rest until the next door opens. Let My refreshing waters replenish you once more. Rest! Elijah had a season of rest by the brook but that ushered in a change in where his provision came from. Do not underestimate who I will use for your benefit in the coming months. See with your spiritual eyes and you will not miss what is before you.”


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