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May 30, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You are not frozen in time, trapped to relive the past over and over. Release yourself, for I desire My Children to Be Free. Do Not let the enemy ensnare you up again! Put the flowers on the grave of the past for all of that is waste. Do not resurrect the dead in your mind lest it to become a merry-go-round in your life. You are to live in My Light so forsake the imitations near and far.

I give you a daily gift, called the Present. Live in the Now, for in the Now, I will make all things new for you. I will restore and redeem you every day! I will heal you and renew your footsteps. I am fully aware you will stumble. Is My Grace not enough to cover you each day? Release your fears, shame, and condemnation to Me this day. Release all of your burdens for yourself, others, and My Kingdom work. The baggage you got comfortable carrying will only hold you back. Let Go!”


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