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May 11, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “My Mighty answer, to all that afflicts you, is there where I will meet you. I am coming towards you this very day! I will not abandon you when you call. Together, we will walk out your destiny, and you will be amazed beyond your wildest dreams. Decide to ask for the High call and not the low call. I have created and designed you for greatness not marginally above average. Look at the Calendar and ask Me what I have left to open before the end of this year? Many are waiting for their Promised Land and Doors to Suddenly Open. Find the doors that are still linking you to the past and shut them for good this time. You don't live there anymore. I am coming in and through you to shift you out of the hands that were too strong for you and into the realms that All Things are Possible. Believe and what you hold onto will become a reality. The road less traveled has Gold within it. Tomorrow is changing rapidly.”


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