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March 5, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You are in the Days of Elijah and have been for many years now! However, I am breaking down the pillars of Baal in this hour and setting a course of righteousness back into My people. Many have strayed over to the wrong side thinking it was better to be progressive and all inclusive. You were never called to be the world, walk in the world’s system, or compromise your very soul through your daily life practices. I have not changed My mind about what is good and righteous. Be mindful that what is worldly trend will likely be against My Word.

Stop! You have adopted the wrong spirit into your heart and mind. Your faith has become watered down. I am rising up My Vessels to challenge the status quo and place My Plumbline back into the Position of Honor. The days of getting by being lukewarm are coming to an end. You must decide who you will follow. I will cut away those that live a life on the fence, choosing both good and evil like candy. Be wise!”


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