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March 29, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Do you value the precious gems buried deep within? There is more than you have even explored, but soon you will get a larger taste. You are in a NOW Season that is different than what you experienced thus far. You will find a shorter response time from the moment you ask to the time that you receive. I want you to ask Boldly before My Throne! Let your prayers resist the tone of weakness. Stretch forth your hand to command what is hidden to come up out of the ground. Your provision is not always going to show up where you but rather where you are going.

I have said your Latter Days shall be Greater, so expect things to improve not the opposite. What you are going through now will increase your faith and trust to manage future storms with ease. I am molding you into what the enemy will fear and be unable to stop. See above the circumstances and you will understand the way to go. I place high purpose in these times before you. Do not pull back-Go forth!”


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