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March 16, 2021 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Find that for the next sixty days that I take you into the deeper areas of your inner world. I desire to show you what is serving you and what is not. I will do a gentle cleaning, and you will shine even brighter for My Glory and Honor. Many have allowed areas of their life to become dull and stagnant. Sometimes for your world to change, it will start with these places becoming brand new first. Allow the new to enter fully.

I am bringing long lost friends back into your life this season. People who have been a blessing in the past but these connections got put to the side for a time. Some of these people you thought you were supposed to let go of, but that was not actually My desire for you. It will be like there was no gap in time and space. You will pick up and be a wealth of fellowship once again. Nothing is off of the Table. Ask Me with Bold Prayers! My Will is Yes and Amen!”

~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope 


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