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March 16, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Most did not intend to lead you astray. They just simply had it wrong. Move in Love and Grace. I am reestablishing Order and Authority in those places that have been lost. Reevaluate what you know because I am revealing the deeper meanings that have long been overlooked in My Word. Bring out your curiosity to ask more questions for I will answer you. You will not grow deeper or higher without the desire for more than what is just so plainly on the surface.

I will contradict your understanding of My Voice and Word. If you are open, I will end the confusion that has overtaken My Bride. Many will miss out and stay on the outside of what I am doing, by choice. Be willing and yielded. I am setting you free of what has kept you bound. Choose to walk in My Knowledge, Wisdom, and Revelation. It is time for a shift and change. To be in this new era, you must be stripped of what is not of My Kingdom.”


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