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June 29, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The final bow is being put upon the present. Many have thought they missed out on what was promised simply because time has passed longer than expected. Release the guilt and condemnation you have placed upon yourself. The timing is still on the table as being ‘On Time.’ Naysayers will shout you were wrong about what is to come because it has not happened yet. I do not consider your critics within My timing.

You are walking into the Streets Paved of Gold. No, this is not a ‘one day some day’ event. This is your possession of what I have called Good in your life. I am not interested in all of the reasons that you may be disqualified. I am the Only One who calls someone Ready and Qualified. You are My Chosen and Beloved even when the weather is not in your favor. I will deal with what rises up against you each and every time. Trust and walk by Faith and not by Sight until the manifestation does indeed come.”


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