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June 18, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You walking into the next situation healed prevents that next wound from attaching to a previous wound. How many times have you been wounded and felt it was similar to a time long ago? When I Heal, it is like you were never wounded. For as Far as the East is from the West, I will cast your sins and the sins done against you! To be remembered no more and to never cast a response within your heart and mind again. What I have promised to you, I will always come through for you.

I will fight your battles even when you think no one cares for the cause. I may not handle things they way you envisioned, but know that I will always take care of it completely! Trust My timing even when it is not right away. I am working on the other person as well, bringing understanding and restoration onto them. Bless and Forgive even your enemies. Ask Me for Help! I will surely impart into your heart the power to set you completely free!”

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