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June 10, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Many have lost their glow. Turned away from the path to My Son long ago. Will you come back today just like the Prodigal son? Yield your heart and mind, and I will use you for greater things than you can imagine. The Call and Destiny I spoke over your life can still come into reality. Will you keep trying My Patience like a wicked servant, or will you take your place beside My Throne? Destruction comes out of rebellion.

I am requiring a decision today. Will you come or will you go? Will you run into My Arms with conviction? This Hour is why you were placed in this generation at this point in time. You are here to change this world for My Namesake. Now is your time! Place down all of your idols that keep you from My Fullness. Remove the blinders you had so willingly decided to wear. Walk uprightly to your latter days. Change is before you. Will you take to old or grab the new?”


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