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December 22, 2019 Daily Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I will waste nothing in your life and this includes what you refuse to use and would rather hide away. There is no void in My Kingdom. Nothing comes back to Me undone. There will no more fence sitting. Decide this day what you will do. What can man or the devil do to those who walk uprightly? I will not even let a hair on your head become damaged. Let the sleepy minds become awaken. I Am not finished with you yet! Decide to not waste your own life and squander what I give you in season and out of season.

What you refuse to take up may become your greatest loss one day. Consider carefully the road you walk on. If I did not design that path, then what really do you expect to come of that road? Many go their own way only to cry out for rescue. How many more go right back to the same dead ends right after they were saved? You cannot hold the world in your hands and expect a righteous outcome. I did not create you to be of the world. Many become blind to their daily sin believing it is now permissible before Me. What I forbid is for your good, but the enemy of your soul desires to destroy every moment of your future. I have not changed My Mind about sin. Who do you follow truly? If I would not make those choices in your life, why continue in the wrong direction?”


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