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December 18, 2019 Daily Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The dry stream bed, that some of you have been camped out at, is now springing up new strategy for your breakthrough. You have wandered the banks looking for My Living waters that have ceased their flows. It was time for you to move on and yet you stayed. Years of battle scars ensued, but you are still standing despite it all. Find that I am redeeming the lost years. You are traveling beyond normal time and space while receiving what only the supernatural can do for this situation. Expect the miraculous to unfold.

Even though you may have missed the moving on, I am speeding you up to where you should be on the journey. Do not worry about what you missed because I will bring back the important elements into your life once again. I am removing the clutter in your mind so that you can hear My Voice clearly. The enemy has had you distracted and fighting the wrong battles in order to keep you misguided. Let me tear asunder what is not from My Kingdom. Pay attention; Much is about to change.”


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