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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 25, 2019

The Father says, Justice is being served. I have heard your cries for My answer over what has happened. I gave My verdict the minute you approached My Throne. I am your protector, and I will carry out the consequences due. Trust to keep moving forward instead of being stuck in watching the past. I give the guilty time to repent, but know that when there is a refusal, I will come swiftly on your behalf. I Am for you. Broken people hurt those around when they allow the wounds to fester. Come to Me willingly, and I will place My Healing Balm upon even the deepest of pains.

I will not leave you where I found you, so know that I will pursue all that is interfering with your life. Be open to what I might say to you. Be open to aspects that you have been unable to see about your inner man. See My Spirit as assurance that you are closing gateways that the enemy desires to gain access to. I will speak to you so be mindful to listen while you are seeking, asking, and knocking. I expose the darkness so that you will remain in the Light.

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