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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 20, 2019

The Father says, Tomorrow’s light will usher in a new dawn in your life. What you struggled to move into the light will excel in all areas that you put your mind towards. I want you to fully grasp what walking as My Child should look like in all of its facets. Up until now, you have only scratched the surface. It is so easy to look at what has been throughout mankind’s history and assume that this is how your life will be as well. I say to you this day that My Sons and Daughters were made to hold more and partake of all good things that I created.

Many want to go back to what the Garden of Eden was supposed to be, but I say you are entitled to much more in multiplication and increase because of the Cross. Realms are open to you that were closed before the Cross. Do not take for granted that you are walking in an era that gives you full permission to more than you can exceedingly ask for or think of. You see, I do not just fix or resolve a problem, I indeed make it a sign of pure blessing and favor where you know you are better off now than what the past could have offered. You are Loved Perfectly!

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