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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 12, 2019

The Father says, Did your tongue get you in trouble today? I am speaking to My people in an elevated fashion. What was once tolerated, will only hinder you where you are headed. You cannot live as your old self and flourish around the very next corner. I desire you to turn away from what I have been speaking to you about. Did I get your attention yet? Be careful for you can be your own undoing. I am coming to you in this hour to heal and remove what is causing you to stumble.

How many messengers did I send your way? Just as Paul was warned not to go to Jerusalem, I am warning you in this hour the same. Stop where you are going, for the prison of the enemy is just ahead. I can send the most counseled of vessels or the most unlikely of vessels. If the message is still the same, wisdom would speak to the True Author of the messages. Look for the signs in the day and in the night. I will not leave you without My guidance. You are coming out of transition and into the next move of My Hand. It is time to Celebrate!

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