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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 9, 2019

The Father says, Attitude can set you free or place you in bondage. Perception is your key to unlock or lock your path. How you perceive what is happening around you will give you the opportunity to form your attitude about it all. Look at what is going right or wrong in your life. Determine where you have made an error and strayed from having the mind of Christ. Am I not still at work on your behalf? Do you think you are just a mere speck in My designs that you no longer matter? Even if you played no vital part, you still remain worthy of all that I have.

Set a new course today, and watch My Winds blow against your sails. I have not told you to run a ground. If your thought life is causing you problems come sit by the River of Living Waters with Me. I will restore, refresh, and reset your day. My thoughts are not negative. Breathe in the Life around you from My Spirit. Why would you want to live life any other way? My Plans are beyond imagination so rise up and decide to partake in My very Best. No more doubting My Goodness towards you. Open your eyes to see the truth.

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