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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 8, 2019

The Father says, Expect what your reaction will be before the situation even develops. Be on purpose and deliberate. Allow Me to adjust your opinions and responses to any and all that comes your way. Speaking out of your flesh will never get you set in the right direction. Through Christ, you have victory over what plagues you. You have choices to make every moment of life. Live in life or live in death. Be one slow to speak. Be wise in your interactions for some words are not so easily undone.

In Christ, you have Hope in all things. Never will I leave you without the Kingdom that I created with you in mind. I am calling you higher to See what I am placing before you to See and Know. I didn’t do all of this for the angels. All was done by My Voice and Hand for You! You are not of little importance. You are Everything to Me. Pick up your armor and weapons. It is time to defeat the enemy in your life and never be his slave again. The choice is always in your hands. Many have unknowingly closed doors that I had opened in their favor, but their rash actions caused those bridges to be burned. Nothing that I do in your life is by change or without importance. Look beyond the natural to see what your spirit was made to partake in.

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