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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 1, 2019

The Father says, Put an end to your religious minds that see only a sinner in you and others. I have made you into a Saint, so get out of your comfort zone and enjoy all that you can freely walk in. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and come tell Me what you desire life to look like. No one gets anywhere when they decide to live in the gutter. The enemy will use many schemes to get you to agree with the gutter mentality over and over. Reject it! I placed in you My Desire over your days. Rise Up and Walk in the Greater.

I did not consult others around you when I decided your calling and destiny. Would they have seen the greatness in Moses or David either? Would they have told Daniel to go along with the King’s requests? I am not looking to maintain the status quo of man. Decide that you can do the impossible through a God that is limitless. Walk on the water and not walk the shoreline of what if’s. I can do anything that I Will. Anything! I chose you at the foundations. My response is Yes and Amen!


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