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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 25, 2019

The Father says, I am establishing a new structure and raising the bar of expectations among My people. For I say that those who point fingers and look for faults in others will find themselves exposed for all to see. A maturing is happening in the Bride where One Another will be supported in the Becoming of My Son’s image. I created people to need other people. I created you to be there for others with the Giving and Receiving in your heart and mind.

Iron sharpens Iron. Be a people who understands that no one is without sin and faults. Guide and support each one who you have influence over. Do so with a humble heart out of love. Do not boast that you lack struggle the same as your brother, for you are truly equal in struggles regardless of how it looks on the surface. It is not a weakness to admit an area that requires more work and grow. Even your leaders should be able to mature and grow as the seasons move forward. You have not figured it all out, so do not expect that anyone else could have as well. Some will be ahead of you in their journey and some will be behind. Encourage each other as this is pleasing to your Lord in Heaven.

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