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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 1, 2019

The Father says, I am rounding up the abandoned weapons upon the battlefield. I am reforging the old into something brand new. Your response to warfare will not flow like it once did. I am teaching you new moves, new declarations, and new strategies to take out the enemy quickly and with less effort than in the past. You are far more capable than you have imagined. Remain a teachable student before Me. When one thinks they know it all, they will surely fall to the snare.

You do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Many spend their day looking for the wrong foe. Guard your words even in your private moments. Playing into the hands of the darkness will keep you stuck in a circular battle that you were not supposed to engage in. Remember the Battle is Mine. You stay at the ready for Me to use you, but do not take on assignments that I did not send you to. Busyness for the sake of being busy does you no good in reality. I have not called you to a “yoke is hard, burdens are heavy” mentality. Be My co-pilot and life will become much more enjoyable.

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