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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 29, 2019

The Father says, Just as the water flowing down a stream constantly is moving and changing, so too am I moving and changing aspects in your life. I give you renewal at each dawn and rest at each sunset. My Grace covers all that you fall short on. Let Me wrap My arms around you and bring the comfort that only I can deliver. You are never alone. Do you not understand that I would do anything to be with you just as you are. You are my prized creation. I gave you special characteristics and attributes unique to you. I fashioned every detail of who you would be, and I set your feet upon a miraculous journey with Me by your side.

I will come to you no matter where you are. I know when you withdraw from Me thinking that there is some standard or issue that would make me change My Mind and Heart about you. No, My Beloved. I know you better than anyone. I have called you into the Kingdom not because you measured up but because I removed the veil that separated us. I will never let you go! You can run like the Prodigal Son, but I will still have My arms out to greet you when you return. I will put My best robe on you; place My best jewelry upon your finger; and call for the grandest of feasts the land has ever seen.

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