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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 1, 2019

Religion will dull your senses and give you human reasoning. What you fill yourself up with will be what pours out of you. You can’t hold the Kingdom in one hand, and a humanist mind in the other. What you make as your god is what will control any and everything you do. Man wanting to be like a god is the same desire that the enemy has. When you see yourself as your own savior day in and day out is when you will cease to find My will working in your life. Just as the prodigal son had to walk away to fully comprehend the dangers walking in his own mind, many of My people will have to do the same. Not all will come back to their senses.

It is the minds of men that war against My Kingdom. They will claim a lie as truth and the truth as a lie. Do not walk around deceived. What I shine My Light and Glory on is under My Authority and Favor. Man does not have the right nor power to remove My Favor on what I have claimed as Mine. Weapons will only be deflected and hit the accuser. I will not let evil prosper against those I call as Mine. You are either in the Light or you are in Darkness. Do not walk out your tomorrow’s as if you are in the Light, but you really align with the Dark. Playing with fire will only get you burned. My Kingdom is shaking. The My Truth will prevail.

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