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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 21, 2019

The Father says, Wash over your disappointments and those who have let you down. Allow Me to pick you up even in the most devastating of circumstances. I did not turn a blind eye to these moments nor have I taken My hand off of the wheel. Even when your missteps got you backed into a corner, I will maneuver you out! Speak life into your mind and heart. Do not allow the whispers from the enemy to become a chant upon your day. Rebuke the accuser and watch him flee. Authority is given but also must be taken.

The army is ready. Go ahead and stand at the frontlines for you are protected. I want you to have a full view of what is coming. Know that the war drums have sounded, but the victory is yours. My Hand has already declared that the spoils of war are to be given to you. Nothing is missed and nothing is denied. I am moving upon your spirit in this hour to illuminate areas that you have left exposed to the enemy. Close those gateways swiftly lest you be in agreement with those who oppose My Kingdom. Sometimes one season looks the same as the previous season. But I say, Look Again, for everything is surely changing!

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