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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 19, 2019

The Father says, Surrendering does not mean you let go of what you have petitioned for. It means allowing Me to fully take over on the outcome. Will I not give you better? I know the coming’s and going’s of your now moments and what will lead to a fruitful tomorrow. When you see Me as a Father who is upset with a judgmental finger pointed right at you, then you will decide to cancel out your requests thinking My answer will be no. A religious mind will see a limited purpose to My Creation in you. I saw that you were Good and went forward with constructing every detail of who you are before Me. By My very breath do you continue to exist for I do all of this because I Love You!

I know the real you. Not the one others accuse you of being and not the one that you pretend to be when people are looking. I gave you everything that I have because you are that Special to Me. So rise up in this hour for much is about to shift, change, and be transformed in My Light. Dry your tears and be ready with expectation. I will bring order to chaos. I will silence the enemy of your soul. I will bring justice to your injustice. I have missed nothing in your days. Watch as I settle long overdue scores for I Am your Rear Guard, and a God who vindicates those who stand in Righteousness. Finish the business that I gave to you for time is running out on those assignments.

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