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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 15, 2019

The Father says, Reach High for I will reach Low to grab you. I will always meet you where you are. Have I not said in My Word that You can do ALL things through Christ? You are Limitless. You must decide to believe and trust this to your very core and center. You lack nothing to accomplish all that I have called you to do and be. Release the fear and rejection that you anticipate as you decide to step out. I will always catch you, and My angels will protect you from harm. I know all that you will face before you ever see it on the radar. Nothing catches Me by surprise. I will take care of all your needs like I have before the very foundations of all creation.

Drop your idols on the ground for good. Everything you have misplaced your hope and trust in, cast it aside. For I will come like a Rushing Wind and free you from all that binds you up and holds you captive. I will never leave you for You are My Precious Child whom I paid a great price for.The time is speeding up around you. Do not become overwhelmed but rather let My Flow take you into depths that few have reached before you. What you long for, I will satisfy through My Kingdom. Do not give up for your answer is on the way. I will not forfeit your request so do not do so yourself. You are Loved by Me completely. Receive My Love and let your Eyes see a new way of walking this life. I am picking you up and taking you from Glory to Glory!

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