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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 30, 2019

The Father says, Turn up the volume! Many walk through their day unable to hear My voice because the noise of the world is louder. So I say to you, Declare the world to be silent, and My Voice to increase all around you. I will not shout over the voices you have entertained for far too long. I will, however, Rise up when you choose to hear My Sound over all others. There are Positive and Negative Frequencies. Pay attention to how each sound makes you feel inside. I am drawing you closer to Me in this hour. Listen carefully for the Trumpets have sounded all over Heaven as Earth is being invaded with My Glory.

You are here for Such a Time as This. I want you to listen to your new instructions for you have much ground to overtake in the coming months and into next year. This is your moment where the pushback will cease, and you will jump forward leaping over canyons that once stood in your way. My Hand is at your back pushing you through obstacles that once derailed you. Notice that I have not merely removed those obstacles. You are developing new abilities in this season. What you are traveling through will well prepare you for all that I have in store. You are limitless so believe and it shall be so!

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