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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 26, 2019

The Father says, The storm will cease at the sound of My Voice. I am within you, so command the storm to cease. Be My Voice in your own life and in each other’s. Be My people doing My Business for the Kingdom. Forsake the promises of the world for they will surely fade through your hands. I have only My Glory before you. Forgive yourself and forgive your friends and foe. I will make that crooked path straight. I have you in the palm of My Hands. Only you can choose to walk away from My Presence, but I will not leave you. I will take you as far as you desire to reach. Written in your life’s book are extraordinary adventures. Are you all in?

Fear of the unknown is not really a fear. If I know the beginning from the end, will I be caught off guard? If I Am your protector will you trust that what comes your way will be made into gold? Trials and suffering may come but that does not mean you will not be launched into Greater. The enemy is a pawn in My Hands. He is not all powerful or all knowing. You are guaranteed the victory as long as you keep walking with Me. Forsake paths that seem safer for that is an illusion. Living a journey of less will deny you the supernatural miraculous of Living a Life sold out to My Kingdom. The Double Doors are already opening before you!

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