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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 25, 2019

The Father says, Is rest only for the weary? I create Rest for you to enjoy and to take a break from what presses against you daily. Rest doesn’t mean being lazy or neglecting your responsibilities. Rest is a time for deep communion with My Spirit. Stepping away from what seems to have no viable answers will allow Me to fill you up with the right direction and strategy. When you are frantic, you will miss My Voice. You are not a lab experiment to see how you can handle what comes at you. I am with you always; ever Present; never Forsaking.

I want what is too big for you to manage. I even want what is too easy for you to manage.

Do you not know that I desire to walk this life with you? You are not a cosmic accident. I purposely and carefully created you with precise detail. I made only the Best when I created you. Not a carbon copy and not someone without a brilliant future. Release the lies, for I will do amazing exploits through you, and all I require is your ‘yes.’ Be available and I will use you. What you carry now is all that I require. Come up higher. I have unlimited things to share with you. You are invaluable, and I so love you!

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