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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 14, 2019

The Father says, Let go of bitterness from past moments when you were overlooked. I am making up to you with interest what was not placed in your hands months or years ago. I have kept good records, and you will not walk away empty handed. Promotion can take on many different forms, but I say Promotion is upon you! My people are walking into a new era and age! Did you catch that. Many think the end of an age refers to only one time frame, but it does not. When you look through one narrow lens and frame of reference you will miss the subtle shifts that I have done all across mankind.

I Am the One who raises up a person or lowers a person. Before you struggle against what I am doing, stop to remember that I am the one behind this change. It is perceived that to be lowered is a negative concept. Not so. There are times that I will take a person on a new path or just a time of rest in their life. Sometimes, it is time to hand over assignments for others to do what they are called to take up moment from moment. Stay in My Flow so that you do not misunderstand My Hand in your life. Be at ease for I will show you the reasons for adjustments in your course. You are the Apple of My Eye! I am proud of you.

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