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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 7, 2019

The Father says, Casting your cares should be your daily motion before My Throne. Have I not already worked out everything for your good? I know the beginning from the end. I have not sent you into hopelessness, but I will fill you up with Everlasting Power. Declare and Decree, for what your spirit says under My Name, let it be so! Bring Worship to an overflow in your heart. My Presence will shift that situation under the weight of the Glory. Many starve themselves of what is accessible as My Beloved. Open up what you have closed off.

You will be setting sail soon. You have a new map and compass. What you learned from past seasons will come in handy in the coming months and years. Be mindful not to fall into old patterns. With new promotion comes new responsibility. Mistakes may carry a heavier consequence when you are not prepared. Stick close to Me as a way of life. I am not far off and neither should you be from Me. When you ask for the Keys of the Kingdom know that they are already yours. Take up your banner this day. It is time to Rejoice! You are coming out!

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