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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 5, 2019

The Father says, A Life filled with the dead works and faith will not hear My Voice. Faith is not about seeing, but just believing that what is not seen will become seen. Many say that they Hope for something but have no faith behind it in reality. How can you get from one side to the other if only one leg moves? Partial action is not action. Partial faith is not faith. What do you believe that hinders you from taking full faith and action to the next level of receiving? Will the Red Sea not open up for you too? You have not because of what limits you think are there, but none of that is your true reality.

I am calling you into the world of Let It Be So! A place of the literal manifestation of what was not, coming to be what now is. This is your portion. Hear Me, THIS IS YOUR PORTION! My Bride is a supernatural Bride today, and not waiting for one thousand years from now. Do not quench the Holy Spirit. Before there can be unity, there will be a great divide. I am taking those that cling to Me, beyond the known realms of today. Those that do not believe in the I AM in all fullness will sit on the sidelines and watch Me do the Impossible with My True uninhibited followers. You have not seen anything yet. Decided in your heart and mind with an unwavering determination to come with Me. Just watch what I do next!

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