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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 29, 2019

The Father says, On the ground is where I found you. There is where I picked you up and held you ever so tight. Release the notion that you must be strong and independent, for at times this will keep you from reaching out to Me. I know every aspect of who you are. I am not seeking to be impressed. You are safe to be who you are today and watch just who I fashion you into during the coming years. Enjoy the Ride! I am not a mean taskmaster. I gave you this life to enjoy and receive My Goodness being lavishly poured out over every little part.

Take a survey of all of the areas that you have unbelief concerning what I will and will not do on your behalf. Where that unbelief exists is where you are blocking My Hand from moving. My answer is already Yes and Amen! I have not changed My Mind or Will in your life. Stand uprightly lest the enemy grabs a hold of your soul. Waiting for My Perfect Timing is not a denial but a divine strategy. Trust that I alone know when the Highest Point of Return is in the atmosphere to release what you have been waiting for. Seeing everything ahead of schedule requires zero Faith. I Am the Author of your Faith. You haven’t seen anything yet so hold out your hands! My Mighty Winds of Favor are shifting to meet you right there!

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