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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 15, 2019

The Father says, Many will fall away from the faith. They will cease seeking a relationship with Me. They have grown hardhearted and think they can run their lives better. They no longer want to wait for My precious timing with the desire for everything to appear right now. An immature person will choose to see everything as a battle of wills. I have taken care of you since you were made in My image. Today, Rest in knowing that I have not changed My Mind about you.

The Potential you Carry will come out in Fullness. I am not a boring God. If I give you everything today, how empty will the remainder of your days be? Could you even possibly use all of it or would you drop most to the ground not seeing the purpose in your now? A baby could not utilize what an adult can. Allow Me to Mature you into Good Stewards of My Favor, so that you do not lie in the wastelands of your own desires. You were created by My Master Hands. Rise Up to see the Greatness that is destined to come out. Decide not to be your own ruin.

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