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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 9, 2019

The Father says, I am bringing a level of transparency in your relationships. A reorder and restructuring is beginning. Many of your contacts are being moved to the background by My Hand. They will not be going with you from this point forward. Understand that even the most well meaning of people will feel that they are protecting you when in fact they are keeping you stuck in a place that I have told you to move on from. Many think that they should be close to you, but they will only speak confusion into your life if you allow it.

If you trust Me, you will let Me add and subtract in all areas of your life. What was beneficial once may not be today. When you keep seeking it out for more infilling, it will leave you dry and empty. A Well dried up serves no one, and I will tell you to move on from this place before that comes to be. You must let your spirit commune with My Spirit for I created you as a spirit first and always. Look beyond the human shell that you see, for I will show you what you were designed to do in the spiritual realms. You see limitations in the human body, but there are no such limits for your spirit.

I cannot teach you what you are not open to. If you deny all that I have demonstrated before and with other servants of Mine, then how will My power grow on the inside of you? You do not receive because you do not ask, and you do not ask because you do not believe all is for you to walk in and experience. When you walk in fear of what I will freely give to you then you stop your own progress in what I would choose to do for you. Free-will is your power, so choose wisely.

See yourself with fresh eyes and ask Me to show you all that I would train you up in. My ways are vast and endless, and I will set you up for more with each level that you grow and master in. On the Potter’s Wheel, I will mold you into more than you ever could imagine. If you do not believe in such things, then you will cut the process short and leave much unfinished. Come up higher so that I can show you the terrain you are to cross over. Hills can look like mountains when you are looking through the wrong perspective. I will catch you. Place your trust in the One who will never leave nor forsake you. You are loved greatly and forever!

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