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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 19, 2019

The Father says, I am pouring out over the Earth a new level of Faith. Faith in the seen and unseen. Supernatural belief is what the religious minds have declared non-existent. But I say nothing is impossible for those who believe. My people have lived a dry and waterless life for too many seasons. They look from afar at others experiencing My Power, much like the Israelites looked from afar when Moses was on the mountain.

I desire for My people to partake in an up close and personal way. My Glory is available to flow in and around all, not just a few. I am bringing a new atmosphere of sensitivity to My Bride where she will feel My presence in greater measure. Even those who have never before will suddenly be overcome. It is a new day on Earth as Heaven invades in an elevated presence.

What was unseen will be seen. What was called a myth will be known as fact. I am in control, and I say that you are walking into your best days and not your worst. Do you believe Me? My righteous remnant will always walk through the fire unharmed. While others are in lack, you will be in plenty. Do not take for granted what is going on around you, for the enemy longs to cause you to stumble.

Watch carefully and stay close to Me. I Am your Rear guard. Do not get comfortable with the sin of the world. You are not called to this life. I have called you as Mine. You cannot hold both in your hands. Hypocrites are always exposed in the light. All that concerns you in this hour, place it down. It is time to dance and celebrate the new level of My Kingdom here on Earth. Enjoy your Now for this is the day I am working out everything for your good!

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