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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 2, 2019

The Father says, Many pull flowers out of the ground to place next to the dead things in their life. The flowers that were once vibrant with life now wither into death as well. Look around and take a survey of your life. What parts of you have you willingly handed over to the prince of darkness?

What you allow the enemy to get a hold of will surely bring death. But now look again! I am redeeming the time of your youth. What was decaying in your past is coming back to life once more. Not because of any works you have done, but because I am your loving Father. Even in your foolish moments, I am restoring life from death.

Take up the Opportunity and do not squander what is blessing your days. You have come so far and yet you cannot sit to rest in complacency again. Be vigilant in the things of the Kingdom. Stand up, My Mighty Warrior! Tomorrow is changing which will change all of the tomorrow’s before your days. Do not allow a stuck mindset to believe you are not in transition.

Those that spoke against you will soon be before you. Not to throw rocks once more but for reconciliation. Decide to let Me heal your wounds now so that My Plans will be completed in these matters. Let Repentance change a man and let My people’s hearts come together in fellowship. I Am your Lord. My Love is in your midst!

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