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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 17, 2019

The Father says, You have heard that the truth will set you free. What truth are you seeking? Many have twisted the truth to fit their own agenda and still call it the truth when they spread this lie to others. Be careful My people, do you know what the truth really is?

The Truth that will set you free is Only the Truth of the Cross. For it is Christ Alone that will bring salvation and payment for your sin. You cannot do anything for the payment of your own wrongs which permanently separate you from My Love and Presence. Many of My People are following concepts and beliefs that claim to be My Light but clearly are not.

My Light gives Life and Life more abundantly. I do not claim to merely give peace for I Am Peace that Surpasses all understanding. Just as the Israelites saw My Love for them and still turned to making golden idols, so too are many of My People this very day. You have sought for more outside of My Gates convincing yourself that I was in your midst. You know deep down this is not so, but yet you continue on this path of lies regardless.

When you do this, the enemy will use you to rise up against My True Uncompromised Sons and Daughters. You will spread poison against them claiming they are not in My Will, but it is you that is not in My Will. How long do you think I will tolerate you coming against My True Bride? You claim to be My Child, but you know not any of My ways. Come Home Prodigal Son and Daughter. Turn away from all that you are doing against My people before time runs out. The Line in the Sand is before you.

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