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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 1, 2019

The Father says, If you want spiritual freedom, you have to own what you do during your day. You cannot have a mind living in wrongful thoughts and expect to climb higher in Me. The two are incompatible. Make repentance and forgiveness your daily desire, and you will remain able to flow in the things of the Kingdom. What is not part of My Kingdom can throw you off balance and out of alignment.

Choose to have My Love pouring through all of your ways. A crowded mind will not hear My Heart or Voice. The enemy will attempt to rule your thoughts if you continue to have opinions to the left and to the right of My will. My concern is for your own soul, and the condition you have allowed it to come into. My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts.

Your setbacks are merely setting you up for not only a comeback, but to be launched into the position I have desired for you. Stop looking at who you think is to blame, start looking at My answer to that issue. If I have allowed it to happen, I must have a reason in My Purposes and Plans. You are not defeated so get up. A correction to your steps is not about punishment but rather to get you to think about what you have left on auto

pilot. These actions are sabotaging your life in ways you have not taken into consideration.

Let Me show you the cracks in your walls that are allowing the enemy to rule over you. Come to Me daily with all of your mistakes and failures. I will restore and remake you on the Potter’s Wheel, so that the cracks are made whole again. I will show you the way to total freedom. I will show you the schemes of the enemy before he can grip you once more. Your Best years are ahead of you, if only you will choose to Believe!

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