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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 16, 2018

The Father says, Make the list! Don’t be afraid. Write out everything you need and are trusting in Me to answer. Bring these petitions before Me Today and Tomorrow. Now watch Me answer each one, as you check off item by item as Done and Finished. I Am a God who desires for you to dig deep and ask BIG! You cannot break the bank. Keep track so that you will know the minute your hands were filled and hope restored.

Too many of My people ask and then forget all about it. Everything you have ever spoken has been written down with the date that you will behold My gift. Do you not see? When you give up with unbelief, you cancel your request unto Me. You possess the power to withhold My Blessings set aside just for you. So I say to you again, Make the List! Even if you have asked before, trust in Me today once more with an open and expectant heart.

Remain watchful for in a moment circumstances can radically shift for your good and favor. Do not look at what you see and think is possible. I Am not limited by your reality. I Am limitless through My reality. You must come to a dead end sometimes to see the Sea part on your behave. Even when things look like they are only getting worse, know that I will still handle that problem and need.

Many will try to get you to give up and curse Me just as in Job’s life. Be a people who will stay the course even when others believe I have forsaken you. I have promised never to leave nor forsake you! Who do you choose to believe with your very life? Someone who has zero ability to help you, or the Lord and Creator of all Things? If I made Adam from the dirt, what more can I do with your very life this day and tomorrow? I will complete what I have spoken over your life the day I created you! I cannot Fail!”

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