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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 15, 2018

The Father says, You are on Christ the Solid Rock. Why do you fear? If I Am not the Author of your very life then you will be subject to those that wish to harm you. Your enemy knows which side he is on, but do you? Be unwavering. Be unyielding to the darkness. Watch the Sun rise and set on My Yes and Amen. The battle is Mine so go where I send you without hesitation.

Call down what is not as though it is. My will comes forth to manifest beyond the limitations that you may have. I am not wrestling against your future. Release the notion that you must do so as well. Trust what I am doing in and through you. No man knows all of his days before they have happened. It is not a lack that sometimes you see less of the path verses days you find clarity for miles.

Come closer, for I am speaking mysteries yet to be solved. Be one who will serve others even if they should slap you upon the face. There is no injury unless you allow your fleshly mindset to limit you. Your reward is not based on who accepts you. Let Me determine the outcome. I am not watching from afar. I stick closer than a brother.

I created time, and I will unwind it if I choose. Don’t be clock watchers but doers of My Word. Heed My Voice and move with expectation of My Glory, not a gloom and doom outlook. Carry My Light, and you shall see the land be taken over by My Love. Carry My Light, and see the darkness run in fear of you!

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