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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 13, 2018

The Father says, You are not who you were even months ago and certainly not years ago. Do you see? Have you noticed? Often times, others will notice before you do. They may even choose to walk away because they don’t like the new you, even if I Am the One who did the renewal. Do not be alarmed when this happens. Sometimes broken fences do not need to be mended. I will bring better to you, when you let go of what or who is trying to leave.

New levels of My Glory are coming to you this hour. I have an acceleration established over all of the kingdoms on the Earth. Watch and See, for it is always darkest before the Dawn. I Am breathing the breath of Life over all that seems dead in this world. I Am restoring and removing chaos even when you think My Hand has left. Many of My people are not in favor of Me reviving certain aspects or inside certain people.

They have a judgmental spirit upon them that is just looking for Me to punish. Do you not understand? My desire has always been for all to come into My Kingdom, and no one should perish. I Am the Author and Maker of all things Good. Performance is man’s creation. Do you not see? Even the wicked end up blessing My Chosen in ways they would never approve of if they knew the unseen affects of their actions.

Rest in knowing that I have the answers you are looking for. People think that the evil prosper and the righteous falter. No My Child. All were sinners before they were clothed in My very Best! All have to go through the same transformation. I choose to bless even before a person decides to change their own name to My “Beloved!” Come sit with Me today by My Waters of comfort. For I tell you this day, that your greatest enemy will become your dearest friend, if I Am the God of all!

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