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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 4, 2018

The Father says, Your faith has carried you to this Great Release that is taking place right now. For the enemy of your soul has been commanded to release your finances. The Rivers are flowing freely for those that believe. What you have faith and hope for is your portion, so ask Big. For many, new business ideas will come to them, and they will watch this explode over their life.

Many others will see supernatural miracles manifest in different areas. Stay alert to how I am coming to you, as I do not want you to miss these blessings and opportunities. Those that have been careless with money, learn from your mistakes so that this blessing does not become another curse. If you have sowed bad financial seed, come to me with repentance, and I will forgive and remember no more. I desire to give you a new outpouring as your portion.

I desire to bless you in all things. Do not let your thoughts and doubts block what I am doing in this hour. Do not disqualify yourself when I have already spoken Yes and Amen over you. I am not angry at you nor were you being punished by My Hand. When you sow bad seed, you reap the product and consequences of that. You experience delays in areas that I had planned to move you into more heavenly harvest.

Be Diligent to turn away from poor choices. I can reclaim what was lost, and I can restore what the enemy has stolen from you. Be at peace that no matter how big of a mess you feel you are in, I have an even bigger solution to the problem, that will leave you amazed. For all will say that Only Yahweh could have saved me from the destruction that I caused with my own hands. My Glory Rests upon you and your home. It is time to celebrate for the turnaround has begun!

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