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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 29, 2018

The Father says, You are in a time of increased angelic presence in your life. Take notice to the signs all around. There are subtle and more obvious indications. What did you briefly see that made you take a double take and wonder what that was? There is a whirlwind of activity happening, making the unseen suddenly manifest over you.

Just as Jacob experienced angels ascending and descending, so too will you come into understanding My Nature and Goodness in your life. For what was ordered by My Voice must not return void. Empty your hands of all those useless items, and the striving efforts of mankind. I will place amazing gifts into your grasp. Even if you hoped and wished before with no results, I say, Ask Again!.

Understand that when you ask with impure motives, I cannot give you what will end up being a destructive force in your life. I have already poured My cleansing waters over your heart and mind. Ask Again now, for My answer is Yes and Amen! My timing is perfect. Come into alignment with My Voice, and you will see great exploits explode over your life this season.

I have an endless supply. Do you not see? What happened in the past is just that; in the past! Today is your priceless opportunity to place My Love and Forgiveness as a banner of power. Do not let the enemy of your soul resurrect what I have already dealt with on the Cross. All of your human frailty was completely answered long ago. I do not see the Cross when I look at you. I only see the Perfection of My Love for you. We are One! Do not let that slip your heart for one single moment. Rise Up.. We are Moving!

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