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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 17, 2018

The Father says, Many want the dark to be the light and when presented as light, they will hold onto it for dear life. And it will indeed take their life in ways few would anticipate. I have raised you to be mature sons and daughters in Me. Put down your childish ways. If I send someone to say that you are on the wrong path, do not brush them aside. Bring it all to Me with an open mind and heart.

I have been speaking to you about all areas that you are blind too. I will send a messenger to help, but you must remain open to My word through them. Too many of My people have wasted decades living in lies that were whispered in their ears. They have let precious time slip through their very fingers over and over again. Look around you.

You will not be free of what you refuse to acknowledge. Do not think with your religious mind that you are void of deceptions in your life. Big or small, makes no difference. All are dangerous to your soul, and open up wrong pathways for you to stumble upon. I am calling My Bride to live free. Can you smell the fresh dew in the air? I release My power and the angels over your life today.

I will expose the roots of the enemy in your life, and I will open your eyes and ears to truth yet again. Will you choose to walk in the light? Will you choose to release all of your burdens over to Me? I will place My Armor around you, and place My Ring of blessing upon your finger. Come away with Me this hour. Soak in My Presence, and I will show you the wonders of My Kingdom that are the Inheritance of My People.

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