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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 8, 2018

The Father says, There is a mystery in My Kingdom. As you give sacrificially to where My Spirit leads you, the storehouses will become more and more open to you. No one is able to out give Me. When your heart is turned towards My Will, you will find giving a joy and seek to give even more out. Be generous for I Am a Generous Father. You are My hands.

A cheerful and faithful giver sows and reaps favor and blessings that are not unlocked any other way. Are you listening? Many of My people have become takers. If someone blesses you, My desire is for you to bless them in due measure. The widow at Zarephath was waiting for death to take them. She served My servant anyway. From that sacrifice, she not only was restored in provisions that would not run dry, but her son was brought back to life. She could have thought that their last meal was too much of a sacrifice to give away, but her willingness go beyond her own needs made the way out of the circumstances.

Do not say you have nothing to give! I Am the giver of all things good. What is in your reach and ability right now? What you give out, I will surely replace in greater abundance. My wells and storehouses never run dry. The favor is yours for the asking and taking, but do not be thieves. Where your heart is, will become your blessing or curse. I Am the Source of your resources. Do not allow fear to cause you to stumble. I will not fail.

Put on the Heart and Mind of Christ, for in this hour I am looking to and fro over My Creation. I am seeking Hearts that have Me as their center with steadfastness. I will ask you to step out into the unknown just as the widow was asked to. Will you be of My Kingdom purposes, and let My Glory be demonstrated in ways never seen before? I am not finished with My Creation! My Mercy and Love are poured out to all of mankind. I desire to use you as My Mighty Vessel for all to See Christ. The darkness over the land will break with just one willing to be My chosen and called!

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