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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 7, 2018

The Father says, Joy comes in the morning! Many of you are at the midnight hour of your trials and tribulations. I tell you that My Joy is about to hit you at full speed, for the morning light is almost at hand. Prepare for the stepping out across the door’s threshold, and do not spend one more minute thinking about what you are currently going through. I say that Victory is here, and the Overcoming has established itself in your vocabulary.

Many lessons were learned, and you have come out changed for My Glory and Honor. I have placed you on the Potter’s Wheel at My will and good pleasure. The Christ in you is shining more powerfully than you have ever known before. Release the temptation to be angry or bitter about these last years for I will restore all to My Beauty and Delight. I can make even the darkest moments into the most beautiful, if you will let Me.

You are no longer climbing and clinging to the cleft of the rock. You are now able to look down and up with no fear or concern for you know fully that I have placed you in the Cleft of the Rock for your protection. Even when things are confusing, I am working out all things for your good. I can take any mess and make you blessed in spite of it. Yes, people have judged you incorrectly during this time, but I have held you up high in My Courts. I declared that you are Righteous and due My Vindication. I will answer all that have come against you.

Let go of all that keeps you stuck in the past season. I have fresh new things for you to behold that will release such favor in your life that you will no longer care about what went wrong. I know what the truth is, and I did not miss anything that you went through unfairly. I can take it from here. Do not feel the need to explain yourself to people who will never listen to the truth. I have you in the Palm of My Hand. Nothing will I let harm you. I Love you so completely and deeply. Depths that you will never fully understand. Let Me show you the reasons why I have you in My Mind and Heart all day long. You are My Precious Pearl!

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