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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 28, 2018

The Father says, I have never desired for you to walk this life alone. Many are lonely and wounded from years of reaching out only to find arms that were closed. I am rearranging things in the hearts and mind of the lonely. I am bringing My people to a place in Me where all will feel welcome and be a people about other people. I Am about people so too must My Bride.

I am putting an end to the mindset of those who would rather look away at someone in need. I will compel My people to reach out to those in lack. Be of My Kingdom, for what you do unto others, you are doing unto Me. I will bring a great harvest to those who will place good seed in this fertile soil. You will see your lives flourish as you help other people flourish. You have much to give, through your time and gifts, to a broken world.

If you need more, ask for more. My Storehouses are overflowing and waiting for you to command full manifestation of a need into the natural realm. Do you think I would leave your prayers and petitions as empty promises on a piece of tattered paper? When you pray into My Will you will see rapid results and fire fall to your utterance. I will place great things in the empty hands of those who seek Me.

Just as I multiplied the loaves and fishes, so too will what you plant into these lives be multiplied beyond the minds comprehension. Will you be a people that desires to know My Heart for this world? Partake in the Glory that I Am raining onto the earth this hour. For what I say I will do, I will surely do for all those that have ears to hear and eyes to see. A new level of healing will be established that is far beyond what you have witnessed thus far. For I Am a God of restoration and renewal to all of My Creation.

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