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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 25, 2018

The Father says, I have given you the ability to see the enemy’s schemes all around you. I have instructed you how to defeat him, but yet you are still staring at that scorpion on the floor like it will hurt you. To grow your spiritual muscles and gifts, you must be willing to step out and act. You are no longer children living off of the milk.

How you see yourself will dictate how you respond to all that is going on around you. I Am with you Always! I have not moved from your side. I protect you from the threats near and far, so stand and do your part. Come out from hiding. There is nothing that you face where you will not rise above if you choose. Yes, You do indeed have a choice here.

You can let the tides of life swallow you whole or decide to start swimming, gliding over the water’s surface. If you need a surf board, I will surely provide one. I will make you invisible to even the sharks circling the depths. Have I not promised to hide you under My Wings? Stop thinking the battles you fight are unfair. You are already on the winning side. There is no question or comprise in what I am telling you.

I will show you a secret. When you enter into prayer with Me, the enemy can no longer see you. As you enter into My Presence, no darkness exists. You are safe in My Arms. I will give you the strategies to walk around the next landmine. My army is at your disposal. Command with Power all that you need to come down from Heaven. Your tongue does surely have the power to break all of the forces rising against you!

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