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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 23, 2018

The Father says, Many decide to let life pull them here and there. They believe that life is composed of nothing more than a stale routine with little gratification. I have not created clones or copy cats. You have My unique thumbprint over your life. Decide to be a people who make on purpose decisions, and who will not just merely follow what the crowd is doing.

Life is what you choose to let it become. It does not matter what has come against you or what forces desire your demise. You were bought with a price and yet freedom is handed back to the enemy through daily actions. Living a life out of sin and flesh destroys. Shackled hands and feet do no one any good. I never intended you to just get by.

Renew your mind daily. Place at My throne all that failed from the day before and just watch what I do with those ashes. Do not delay in dealing with what is bringing you shame. Letting something fester does the soul more harm. People will tell you that I am chronically looking at sin. Does it seem reasonable that this would be My Choice after the Cross?

Live blanketed by My Glory and Love. Make up your mind never to let the in’s and out’s of daily life strip you of what is rightfully yours. Settle the accounts with others. Choose to Love even those who hate. I have Greater for you, so continue to focus on what is good and lovely. My Kingdom is on Earth Now. Power is Now. Forgiveness is Now. Freedom is Now.

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